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Welcome To Pallavi Surveys

Pallavi Surveys was established in April, 1995 with a view to provide professional service in the field of Surveying
and Mapping. During the last 15 years, with the help of our advisors, we have completed successfully many projects
in various sectors such as Railways, Roads, Power projects, Farming, Telecom, Urban Development, Irrigation etc.

We had the opportunity to complete one urban development project in the neighboring country Bhutan.

We have put in strenuous efforts in maintaining and improving our performance and also in building our resources.
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The purpose of a TOPOGRAPHIC SURVEY is to gather survey data about the natural and man-made features of the land.


A contour line may also be defined as the intersection of a level surface with surface of the earth With the help of contour map proper.


1.Conducting Survey and Investigation of Feeder channel
2.Coffee Estate Survey (800 Acres) Contour


1.GVK (Power) Ltd., Hyderabad & Brooklyn Besicorp INC
2.Premier Coffee Plantation, Banglore

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